Remember to track and trace your package

According to the association for Danish internet commerce, the Danes bought in 2018 197 million different purchases.

There are many packages that are sent to and around Denmark. We buy online as never before. It is much easier for us, and not least, timesaving. When we buy things online, we also often get a tracking number – also called track and trace. With such a number, we have the opportunity to track the exciting journey of our packages from the store to the destination.

This allows us to arrange to be at home to receive the package, and we can also keep an eye on the time it takes to receive the package. This means we can’t help but be nervous about whether the package is on its way or not. But did you also know that you can use track and trace for the packages you send yourself?

How does it work?

With track and trace, or tracking number, you follow your package in how far it has reached its path. This is possible as the packages are constantly being scanned as they are received somewhere and when they leave somewhere on the journey. It can be scanned because of the package label you put on your package before sending it. This label consists of a bar code that becomes your package’s ID number. This means that it can now be scanned. This means that you can keep track of your package, wherever it is, and especially when the recipient can expect the package to arrive. If you send your parcels abroad, this can also mean that you are told whether your parcel is stuck in the customs.

Track and trace does not matter which company you choose to ship your package. Therefore, it can always be done. This does not matter whether you use DHL, GLS, UPS, Postnord or DAO. If you are the recipient of the package yourself, you often get a track and trace number, which you must enter at DHL, GLS, UPS, Postnord or DAO’s website, in order to track your package. Another idea is to use, which can always help track packages.

The environment and circular economy

With track and trace you keep an eye on the company that is shipping your package. You thus ensure that your package is in control. It is becoming more and more common for us to have a circular economy. When I finish using a piece of clothing, you can buy it from me instead of throwing it out. We are moving away from the use-and-throw away culture. Of course, this also means that we send even more packages.

Here it can be a great advantage to have a track and trace number so that you and your recipient can keep an eye on your package when it is on its way to your recipient. In these situations, the recipient is suddenly your customer, and a customer must have a good experience. Then you avoid complaints or the package gets completely gone.

Decorative Window Film: Everything You Need to Know

Decorative window film is a semi-transparent layer designed to create privacy conditions in a room or a particular style. Among the decorative films, white matte film is the most popular, and visually resembled glass subjected to sandblasting.

The matte part of the surface can be created both on the entire glass area, and partially, creating a certain pattern and style. Matte window films are widely used for installation on glass partitions in offices, on glass inserts in doors and on glass panes.

Decorative window film on the window can also be plain colored or have a certain pattern. Colored self-adhesive window film can be used to create a stained-glass effect.

Window film has all sorts of colors and even with a texture choices. Window film with a sandblast effect, for example, has the look of real milk glass. Nobody can look inside, while light still finds its way through it.
Another example is the mirror foil. This window film has a mirror effect on the outside. One-way-vision foil contains holes through which you can only see through one side.
Also, within the range of decorative window films, the choice is wide in terms of patterns and colors. Green see-through film, window film with a floral print or a wood look, the possibilities are almost endless.
How To Apply Decorative Window Film
Window film is easy to apply. Depending on the type of window film, this is done with or without water.
Unlike with self-adhesive window film, no static glue is required with static window film.

Applying static window film is therefore, very easy, because it is retained by means of static electricity. The advantage is that, static window film can easily be removed again. The preparatory work is very important when applying window film. For example, the window where the sticker will come must first be thoroughly cleaned and free from fats.

If you wish to read more about window film then press

In certain cases, air bubbles may form under the foil when applying the sticker. You can remove this with a squeegee.
Advantages of Decorative Window Film
We already mentioned that there are different types of decorative window film, each with their own characteristics and advantages. Nevertheless, there are also a number of general benefits that apply to all window films:

    Window film is the ideal solution to guarantee your privacy at home in a subtle way. Striking blinds or curtains are no longer needed.
    Window film does not have to be boring or chilly. It can also be decorative. It is available in various colors, patterns and textures.
    Window film is not only insensitive to discoloration. In contrast to curtains, for example, window film does not require any major cleaning actions. You don’t have to do more than washing the windows.
    Tip: Avoid brushes and abrasives and be careful with sharp objects to prevent damage to the foil.
    In contrast to, for example, curtains, window film is relatively easy to apply. It can also be easily removed without damaging your window.
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