Exercises for Couple Therapy: Try These From Home

    Are there any crushes in the relationship, or do you and your partner just want to make everything play from the start? There are always good couples to try, no matter how the relationship has developed.

    Here you get an overview of a few simple exercises. You will also be given a reference to a good online course with couples therapy, as well as a few words about what you and your partner can expect from the therapy.

    Try These Simple Exercises

    There are many couples therapy exercises that work really well. But of course it depends a little on the situation, which is why it is best to get a professional therapist to give advice. But if you and your partner want to start with it a little more general, here are some simple tips to create more love, more closeness and less conflict in your daily life.

    • Take your time: Set aside a couple of hours in the evening, or have a regular day a week where you go out and do something special together.
    • Hold each other’s hands as you go along.
    • Kiss more and take the time to enjoy it.
    • Communicate more – create good dialogue regularly and let each other speak out. Every person in the relationship should be given the chance to speak out while the other is actively listening.
    • More physical contact: Sleep close to each other, bathe together, create more presence when possible.
    • Look each other deeper in the eyes and empathize with each other. Take a few minutes where you simply sit and look each other in the eyes. It works surprisingly well.

    On the personal level, there are also certain exercises that can be good to try. For the relationship to work, each individual should also be happy and satisfied – both with themselves and with the partner. Take some time to consider things, to appreciate your partner, and for example, make surprises for your partner for no particular reason.

    A meeting with a therapist is ideal

    advice in this article are very general, and although they have been shown to work for many couples, so, it’s also very much about getting some tips that caters specifically to you and your partner personally . Your relationship is unique and so are the feelings you have for each other.

    Therefore, the ideal solution is to begin conversations with a professional partner therapist. These conversations can happen as often as you need to. Couple therapy can be utilized by all types of couples, and there are no rules or expectations as to who can begin it. Starting for couple therapy is not equal to problems in the relationship. Many start because they are simply happy to communicate and would like good advice from the start. But couples therapy can of course also be a good solution if you have problems in the relationship that you would like to have resolved. A good therapist has experience with the whole thing and manages to give you honest and good feedback: And even more exercises that you can start!

    Try an online course

    An alternative to meeting with a therapist is to try some exercises from home.

    For example, Holger from bevidsthed.org has created an online course called The Best Relationships in the World. It’s worth a try – at least if you and your partner want a really good introduction to couples therapy, where it can all be done from home.

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