Five Popular Places To Visit In Odense

Are you looking for where to spend your holiday with your family, honeymoon, or a tourist attraction center? Odense is just a perfect place for you. Odense is one of the fascinating cities in Denmark. Being a city of such cultural importance, it is full of beautiful places. In Odense, you will never miss big events. Some of the top attraction and tourist centers in Odense are:

The Odense zoo is known to be one of the best zoos in the world and the best in Europe. There you’ll find diverse animal species being housed in cages that were created to simulate the animals’ natural environment, and this helps to increase the quality of their life. This zoo ensures that visitors experience seeing the animals as close to their natural environment as possible.

It has so many animals from all over the world, approximately 2000 different animals and 147 species of animals; examples include Chimpanzees, Monkeys, Apes, Peacocks, Giraffes, Penguins, etc. In 2008, Odense zoo was Funen’s most popular tourist attraction center, in 2013, it was the best in Europe with about 500,000 visitors per annum.

Odense is the city of the most famous writer of fairy tales in the world. If you are wondering who H.C. Andersen is, you can take a trip to Odense city and explore the Odense museum. You will find a lot about the famous writer. This museum is one of the best tourist centers in the city and a great place to start the Hans Christian Andersen tour.

Munke Mose Garden, now called Munke Mose Park, is a lovely place where so many activities take place, it’s very special atmosphere makes it conducive both in the morning and in the evening. Sports and many informal outdoor activities also take place in this park, and people also eat and relax in the garden. It puts on other cultural entertainment including concerts, debates, lectures, and poetry. It might be pricey, but it’s worth it.

Another fascinating place in the city is the Danish railway museum, it is the national railway Museum of Denmark and was established in 1975.
The Funen village is a Danish open-air museum located Odense. It is a village from the time of H.C. Andersen. There is a lot to be learned in this village with its fun and friendly environment. The Funen village contains some rural structures from the 18th and 19th century which gives a story of life in the country in the 18th century. The Funen Village museum tries to emulate what country life was like in Denmark at the time of Andersen’s life and contains houses of historical Odense. It has one of the best views in Odense with fascinating stories.

At Odense harbour there is a free outdoor pool with sauna, its a lovely place to enjoy the warm days, and quick dips in the cold days also.
See this lovely drone footage from the harbour in Odense

Odense has a variety of exciting cultural events to entice all year round and every time. A city of real cultural gem and a place of literary wonder.

Remember to look at the weather in Odense before you go on adventure in the beautiful city of Odense.