WordPress Plugin Development

    Wordpress plugin development

    Plugins are one of the essential components of WordPress. They are the modules that you can install on your website to get benefits from the features of the plugins. Various categories of the plugins are present, and in each group, lots of plugins are being developed and added each day. 

    Each plugin offers specific functionality. Simple as well as extensive plugins can be used in WordPress development. Simple plugins are the ones in which style (font, size, format) or theme of the website is modified. Extensive plugins allow you to make drastic changes on your website, e.g. adding eCommerce functionalities.  

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    It must be noted here that the functioning of the plugins is very different from the custom themes of a WordPress website. Plugins work independently and make use of widgets, shortcodes, and filters to provide features to the WordPress developer. 

    The importance of plugins cannot be overstated in this fast-paced era when everything, including websites, need to be developed quickly and efficiently. They provide the developers as well as admins of the WordPress website to extend the functions of their website and hence attract more traffic.

    Plugins used during the WordPress development have advantages and disadvantages which are discussed below:


    1. Plugins are highly adaptable. They can be installed on almost every theme of WordPress. 
    2. Instead of coding for long hours for particular functionality, you can just install a plugin to save your time.
    3. Plugins enhance the uses of WordPress. You can use a plugin to increase the functionalities of your website, or you can develop a plugin of your own as well. Plugins can easily reap the benefits of WordPress’s filter hooks through plugins. 
    4. Often, plugins have multiple functionalities which may be of no use to the developer. Therefore, custom plugins are very beneficial in WordPress Development because they perform the exact functions for which they are created. 
    5. WordPress ensures that plugins are safe and secure to use. 


    1. Sometimes plugins conflicts happen due to clash in their functionalities or clash with the WordPress theme. As a result, your website may produce some errors.
    2. Unless you are using an extensive plugin like Elementor or Divi Builder, plugins have very restricted access to the theme and design of the website. 
    3. If you install too many plugins on the same website, they are likely to slow down the website. 

    There are thousands of useful plugins that can be used in WordPress development. 

    We have compiled the following list of the most popular and essential plugins.


    CoSchedule is suitable for those website developers who are dependent upon the writers to get the content for their blog. It offers a beautiful calendar in WordPress. This calendar can be used to organize the name of the articles assigned to different writers and check the due date of each article quickly. CoScedule is an excellent option for you to manage, schedule, and plan the blog posts effectively.

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    User Switching

    If you want to view your website as a user, then User Switching would be the best choice for you. It allows you to log out from WordPress as admin and see the website pages like an ordinary user. 

    It is beneficial for testing if you want to see the outcome of the changes you would make during the WordPress development. 

    WP Most Popular plugin

    It is a very easy-to-use plugin of WordPress. It ranks your pages in terms of popularity by assessing the number of views of each blog post. You can view this ranking in the theme or the sidebar. 

    This plugin is beneficial when you have lots of posts on the blog, and you wish to check the reach of each post to determine what the visitors like on your blog. 


    JetPack is the most popular plugin available for WordPress development. It offers a lot of features. One of the highlights is the Top Posts which display the most liked posts and the Pages Widget, which allows various widgets to be added to the WordPress websites.

     Other plugins

    There are many other popular plugins. Names of some of these are:

    • WordPress Popular Posts
    • Post Hit Counter
    • Popular Widget
    • Super Post
    • Elementor and Elementor Pro
    • Divi Page Builder
    • Relevant
    • Pretty Links
    • Optimole

    Are you looking for a WordPress Developer to create your next wordpress plugin?

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